Welcome to Fika Midwifery!

We are so excited to have you here! To help make your first appointment go more smoothly, we would appreciate if you would please help us with the following tasks:

1) Email a photo of your driver’s license or photo ID and front and back of your insurance card to adriana@fikamidwifery.com

2) Carefully review and sign our informed consent.

3) If you initiated care with another practice or have a history of cesarean section, please sign our records release. Include either the name of your previous practice or, if a history of cesarean section, the name and address of the hospital you gave birth at.

4) An email invitation was sent to you for our online patient portal. You can view messages from providers and make/change appoints etc. through the portal.

5) Use the insurance verification worksheet to assist in verifying your anticipated out of pocket costs with your health insurance.

6) Check out our welcome packet.