Water Birth in Buffalo


Benefits of Water Immersion for Labor & Birth

Soaking in the tub during labor and/or birth provides a number of benefits including: 

  • Pain relief

  • Relaxation and reduced anxiety

  • Support for position changes and mobility

  • Reduced risk of severe vaginal tears

  • Decreased stress of birth for the baby


Water Birth with Fika Midwifery

Water birth is offered in conjunction with home birth or Coit House Birth. Fika Midwifery provides tub rental and clean-up for families planning out of hospital birth. 

You will receive an Eco Regular Pool or Eco Mini Pool, air pump, lead-free hose, hose hook-up, floating thermometer, and disposable liner by 38 weeks of pregnancy. We will drain and remove the tub immediately following the birth of your baby.

The fee for birth tub rental for Fika Midwifery families is $200.