Photo credit:  Shawna Stanley

Photo credit: Shawna Stanley

Part-time Midwife Assistant

The midwife assistant will assist the midwife in creating a safe and peaceful birthing environment in accordance with midwifery model of care.

The midwife assistant can perform skills that are within their scope of practice, which may differ from assistant to assistant. Most of the time, the assistant will be at a labor with the midwife. Occasionally, as required and as within the particular assistant’s skill set, the midwife assistant may triage the laboring woman or “labor sit.”

Minimum qualifications:

  • Nursing license in NYS (preferred) or training as a midwife assistant (considered)

  • Technical skills to perform basic charting functions

  • Ability to perform vital signs and assess fetal heart rate by doppler

  • NRP certification

  • CPR/BLS certification

  • Belief in midwifery model of care, out of hospital birth, physiologic birth, and breastfeeding

Ideal start date: September 2019

Compensation: per birth/per home visit basis + mileage reimbursement

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