Postpartum & Breastfeeding Support


Postpartum Care

Like our prenatal care and delivery support, postpartum care is true to the midwifery model of care. All women and families will benefit immensely from several postpartum visits done in the privacy of the home, beginning with one within the first couple days of discharge. We provide support for the woman's physical recovery from birth, carefully assess newborns for normal behavior, offer highly specialized lactation support, and of course provide plenty of education.

All families will receive three postpartum visits:

  • Within the first 24 hours after birth (in home)

  • At 3-5 days (in home)

  • At 6 weeks (in office)


Fika Midwifery supports a wide range of breastfeeding choices. Although we use the word breastfeeding for simplicity, we recognize that breastfeeding is a unique experience for every person that chooses it. Our support for lactation is non-discriminative and includes:

  • Chestfeeding

  • Induction of lactation for non-gestational or adoptive parents

  • Pumping and bottle-feeding

Lactation Support

All families are welcome to seek lactation support, not just those who have worked with Fika Midwifery for prenatal care & birth.

Common reasons for a lactation consult:

  • Nipple pain or trauma

  • Issues with milk supply (too much or too little)

  • Problems with your baby's weight gain or diaper output

  • Challenges establishing pumping or returning to work

  • Assistance with breastfeeding multiples or NICU graduates

A lactation consult includes:

  • Weighing of the baby

  • Observation of a feeding or pumping session

  • Plenty of time for education and questions