Hospital Midwifery Care


For many women in the Buffalo area, choosing to give birth in the hospital with a midwife is somewhat of a compromise--a way to initiate low-intervention, holistic, informed care while giving birth with the comfort of modern medicine nearby.

Fika Midwifery has perfected the art of hospital-based midwifery care. Here are just a few of the things you can have at your disposal should you choose a hospital delivery with me as your certified nurse midwife:

Individualized Prenatal Care

I offer thirty to sixty minute appointments, all in the comfort and privacy of your home. We'll discuss all pregnancy testing thoroughly, and you'll have plenty of time and resources to make decisions that feel right to you.

"Alternative" Options

While you'll always know what options are recommended by major health organizations like the CDC, WHO, and ACOG, I like my clients to be aware of all of the choices at their disposal. We'll spend time talking about benefits, risks, and alternatives to tests and procedures that take place both during pregnancy and during labor and birth.

Labor support

I love working with doulas and consider them a critical part of the birth team, but I'll be there to provide labor support too--sometimes even in your home prior to going to the hospital. I believe wholeheartedly that being a part of most of the active labor process enables me to deliver safe and satisfying care.


While Children's hospital doesn't offer water birth, they do offer hydrotherapy for labor which can be an amazing option for pain relief.

Pain Medication

You heard right, midwives support that too! (Or at least I do). Whether it's because your labor is longer or harder than expected or because you planned it all along, I'll support your choice to have an epidural and limit the interventions that come with it. 

As one of Buffalo's only private-practice hospital midwives, I am proud to offer women the ability to choose the birthing location that feels right to them.