Fika (fee-ka), a Swedish word for which there is no literal English translation, is a cultural tradition of breaking for coffee and baked goods.

In true form, we can always look to the Scandinavian nations for just the right balance of bitterness and sweetness, work and play, warmth and professionalism. And so, Fika--Wellness & Midwifery for the Modern Woman--was born. While there's a few other things we can love on Sweden for--like their lengthy maternity and paternity leaves and midwifery-dominated care of women and babies--the love and warmth that comes with fika is what we're all about.

Photo credit:  Shaw Photography Co

Photo credit: Shaw Photography Co


Inspired by the spirit of modern feminism, we intuitively support women through attentive partnership and holistic care that ultimately creates space for personal empowerment and invigorates communities.

As the change agent of the holistic healthcare experience, we are innovative thinkers, passionate midwives, and provide the best possible healthcare and wellness experience for betterment of humanity.


To cultivate the best possible holistic healthcare experience for women.